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Cirque De Fleur Cyberclass
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This 8 part class was inspired by my love of flowers. This design features ultrasuede appliques, combination stitches, and some very serious counting! Choose between class participation, or class participation with a kit. There are two stunning colorways, Teal or Yellow, complete with coordinated canvas, sequins and beads. Once you sign up for this class, you should expect an email with the link to your classroom and your sign in password. Once in, you will have unlimited access to the classroom tools, lessons, videos and supplemental information until you complete your project. There is a conversation area where you can post your questions and you will receive answers rom the instructor within a day or two. If you opted for a kit, it should arrive in 2 to 3 weeks after you enroll. Colorway Guide: The names correspond to the canvas colors.

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